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Nexter est une société du groupe KNDS, leader européen de la défense terrestre. Architecte et systémier intégrateur, sa mission est de répondre aux besoins des forces terrestres, aériennes, navales et de sécurité dans le monde entier par la conception, le développement, la production et le soutien de systèmes complets.
Nous rejoindre, c'est intégrer une entreprise stratégique, dans laquelle nous vous invitons à participer à nos projets à forts degrés d'innovation tels que le développement des systèmes futurs. Avec Nexter, intégrez l'innovation au cœur de votre métier !



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Within the framework of a "Business Capture" strategy, you will be responsible for:
- Defining and implementing a business strategy aimed at identifying, stimulating, and reaching future markets that can be obtained in Germany.
- Prospecting and promoting the Ammunition Directorate's products to the German armed forces and purchasing departments.
- Setting up and/or coordinating local market/competition knowledge systems and supporting the sales strategy.
Based on your knowledge of the country and the customer relations for which you will be responsible, you will make bi d/no-bid decisions; contribute to the development of offering strategies, “capture plans”, and other lobbying/communication campaigns; propose industrial partnerships to be set up; and provide support to offering managers. Placing orders will be a shared responsibility with these managers.
The position will be based in Koblenz. The successful candidate will be part of the Ammunition Sales Department and will work closely with the Group Export Sales Department.

Profil / Compétences requises

- An engineering or business degree and a military background or experience in the defense industry preferred.
- Fifteen to twenty years of experience, excellent interpersonal skills, and a capacity for initiative/analysis to acquire country expertise and formulate recommendations required.
- An excellent command of German (ideally mother tongue) and a good command of French and English is required.
- Public speaking skills are essential.
- A zeal for technical subjects related to ammunition is also strongly required.

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Critères candidat

Niveau d'études min. requis

> Bac +5

Niveau d'expérience min. requis

Expérimenté ( Supérieur à 10 ans)

Langue & niveau

  • Allemand (Travaille dans la langue)
  • Anglais (Utilise fréquemment)
  • Français (Utilise fréquemment)